Math, Inspired by My Pinterest Board| Functions

The main idea | f : x → f(x)

Functions are very magical. You put a value of “x” into a function and often you don’t get the same result. But in this case on the image the “lonely-house” is equal to f(lonely-house) = white-house

The domain is on the left and the range is on the right.

One — To — One Function Notes

x, x’∈ Lonely House and for all values that Lonely House contains. That bold word is very important.

Their images will look something like this. If their images are equal to each other. Then there is only one last point to make.

They are the same thing!!! If this is not already clear to you let me draw a movie character in your head.

Imagine so;

  • the super duper loyal movie dog character as a value in the domain? Here is one! In case anyone remembers this childhood movie of mine.

Within the 7 billion people in the world, he picks his human. He will only have one owner and no other.

  • what about Prince charming?
  • a secret agent in an action movie that is totally obsessed with his/her target. The possibilities are endless while you are imagining such a movie scene.

Important detail of the Pinterest Board

-The value from the domain has to have one output value and that’s the maximum it can have. This is a must!

-But the range might be overly crowded and doesn’t always has have a domain.

What is to spot here? Well y axes represents the range and the x value represents the domain.

We want to understand what x values get as f(x), we have to draw a parallel line to the x axes.

But this can’t be right! f(x) can’t have two values on the x axes. But we can try this graph.

f(x) gets different values every time while moving along the graph.

-Hopefully this short and complete explanation helped!